With Sage Abra Payroll, flexible, cost-effective in-house payroll management has never been easier.

In-house Payroll Software - Sage Abra Payroll

Seamless integration with Abra HR saves you time, eliminates duplicate data entry, simplifies reporting, and automatically links benefit plans in Abra HR to deductions in payroll. Abra Payroll also interfaces with most major accounting packages and time clock systems.

This comprehensive, easy–to–use solution includes all the payroll software functionality needed by mid sized organizations to process payroll accurately and quickly every time. Produce paychecks on demand, run trial reports, and make last-minute changes with no hassle.

Flexible features include:

Simplified pay processing:
Run accurate payrolls on time – from setup to year-end closing. Customizable “actions” screens walk you step-by-step through the payroll process and allow you to customize the system to meet your needs. Run an unlimited number of trial payrolls and gross-to-net calculation reports to ensure accuracy.

Comprehensive reporting:
Empower your organization with quick, easy access to complete payroll reporting and analyses with over 100 built-in reports. Abra Payroll software comes bundled with the Crystal Reports® writer for your more complex needs. Answer ad hoc questions easily with the Abra Secure Query report writer. Abra Secure Query guides you through the query process in easy-to-understand steps.

Check printing:
Preview and print standard and customized checks and direct deposit advices for selected pay groups with a few clicks of a mouse. Includes flexible choices and offers time savers such as the laser signature and MICR options.

Direct deposit:
Automate ACH files and set up unlimited direct deposit accounts for each employee. Distribute funds to a combination of check and direct deposit, and designate a deposit sequence for multiple direct deposit accounts.

Tax management:
Get automatic quarterly updates of tax tables and electronic media reporting for all states. Abra Payroll supports more than 2,000 local tax jurisdictions, federal and state income, unemployment taxes, disability taxes, workers compensation, ACH credit transaction files, and more. An optional tax filing service is also available for use with Abra Payroll software.

Earnings and deductions:
Set up unlimited earnings and deductions codes with guided interviews, Abra Payroll supports a wide range of earning types, including base pay earnings, premium pay earnings and tax only earnings. Manage earnings with allocation and accrual rules and define any number of deductions for each employee with rules, such as withholding frequencies and employer matching.

Integration with Abra HR:
Save time, eliminate duplicate data entry, simplify reporting, and automatically link benefit plans in Abra HR to deductions in Payroll. Abra Payroll software also interfaces with most major accounting packages and most time clock systems.

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