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Many employers recognize the growing benefits that come from offering their employees payroll paycards, including convenience, security, cost savings and a higher employee retention rate. In fact, the payroll paycard can be offered as an alternative to paper paychecks, translating into cost savings for your business. The primary advantage of paycards is the immediate elimination of costs associated with producing paper paychecks, which can equate to more than $1 per employee, per pay period.

Employer Benefits

  • Cost-effective – reduce the costs of issuing paper paychecks
  • Eliminate lost/stolen check fees
  • Secure – minimize check fraud
  • Smart – provide an additional voluntary employee benefit
  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention

Employee Benefits

  • Safe and secure – immediate availability of money on payday
  • Easy to use – “unbanked” employees do not need a banking relationship
  • Flexible – families can receive multiple cards for use

Sage Payroll PayCard works the same way as a direct deposit transaction, and requires no additional systems, software or hardware. Your company can incorporate Sage Payroll PayCard into your existing process regardless of the payroll software or service you currently use. If your company offers direct deposit, you can also offer Sage Payroll PayCard. It’s that easy!

With Sage Payroll PayCard, you can save money while offering your employees additional benefits and convenience... truly a win-win situation!

"Paycards: Flexible Electronic Payroll for All Employees"

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